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I watched the documentary ‘The Elephant in the Living Room’ today

(warning, my thoughts here aren’t very well put together just kinda choppy what came to mind as i went) The documentary is about people in the United States that own exotic animals.  First off I was ashamed that it mostly centered around my home state.  Although it came out before the big news from Zanseville when that man let out all his exotic animals, and because of that now Ohio has much stricter exotic animal laws so many of the examples in the documentary would not happen now.  I think it’s sad that people keep these beautiful animals as pets.  I’ll say this at the beginning, yes, i know there are people out there that have the space and intelligence to keep these animals in good care but i still do not believe it is right or should be done. (this is with exception to rescues that take in the animals once they aren’t cute little babies anymore and the owners now don’t want them). One man was keeping a full grown female and full grown male lion in a horse trailer, A FUCKING HORSE TRAILER.  People underestimate these animals, there are too many deaths from exotic animals that are kept as pets, people just aren’t scared of them when they should be.  well maybe i shouldn’t use the word scared, maybe respect is better, people don’t have the respect they should for exotic animals.  in the end the animals end up getting hurt most of the time.  people think they are helping these animals but it’s like a death sentence for them.  if they get loose you can almost guarantee they will be shot because by letting the animal get loose you have endangered everyone around you. i could go on and on but really you should just watch the documentary.  it’s just plain selfish to own exotic animals in my opinion.